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    We are the leading organization dedicated to resolving your online disputes so you can have the sense of stability back into your online life and become the productive person you once were.

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    We support popular sites such as Youtube, 4chan, World of Warcraft Forum, Gaia Online, and many more. Submit a free request to end your dispute today!

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    Venting to your friends will only show off your incapability of handling yourself. At DIDR, we don’t judge.

    By using our state of the art DIDRIDRS (Department of Internet Dispute Resolution Internet Dispute Resolution System), our volunteers will provide the most objective, un-biased analysis of your internet dispute.



Our wide range of experts are knowledgeable in multiple disciplines including eschatology, metaphysics, astrology, home economics, phrenology, midwifery, bovine ethics, and kremlinology, not to mention extensive personal experience with internet disputes. We ensure your dispute will be evaluated from the most objective, most dispute-proof perspective possible. Additionally, all of our volunteers are CPR certified.



All exchanges and correspondence are confidential and encrypted. No one else on the internet will know about your sense of emotional insecurity or lack of meaningful purpose in life.



We work day and night to make sure your internet dispute will get resolved as soon as possible. In fact, each of our dedicated volunteer experts makes internet dispute resolution the top-priority in his or her life. Our experts have missed job promotions, ballet recitals, and weddings on account of their dedication to help you find release from internet disputes.


  • “I used to think spelling errors were enough to call someone a dum-ass. According to DIDR, a spelling error is sometimes just a spelling error.” –Spellmasterdicktator800

  • “Through DIDR, I learned that I was addicted to internet disputes as a way of validating my existence as a human being.  Now, instead of getting involved in fruitless arguments, I have started my own novelty erotic fruit basket company.” — Apples&Orangizz54

  • “My DIDR analysis revealed to me my susceptibility to trolls and showed me concrete steps for recognizing a troll. Now I have peace of mind and know not to respond to them, even if they might be real trolls, like the kind that live  under bridges.” — UnderMan75

  • “I’ve been called a “ritard” on the internet. Before DIDR, my hours would be consumed with proving to the rest of the world that I wasn’t a “ritard.” After DIDR, I now know being called a “ritard” on the internet does not actually make me a “ritard.” – Ritardando59

  • “DIDR helped me accept the fact that some people will simply not accept the saving from Jesus Christ, that they are meant for hell and that’s okay. They are not my responsibilities and I only have to do the best I can.” – enamored4jesus1231